DailyIndieGame - DIG Super Bundle 96

DailyIndieGame – DIG Super Bundle 96

Get 6 games on Steam….

This new PC Game Bundle for Steam contains the titles Street Racing Syndicate, Z, The Pasture, The Last Hope: Trump vs Mafia, Interstellar Logistics Inc, Finnish Roller.

Each game is delivered as a Steam key. You can activate / redeem these product keys on Steam. All of them are playable on your Windows PC. 3 games include Steam Trading Cards. Grab the complete bundle for $1.49!

This game bundle contains

Steam % 87

Interstellar Logistics Inc

Steam | Windows | Casual

Interstellar Logistics Inc.

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Steam % 83

Street Racing Syndicate

Steam | Windows | GT / Street, Racing

You can race for money, pink slips, and more.

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Steam % 73


Steam | Windows | Action, Sci-Fi, Strategie

ā€œZā€, der Klassiker unter den Echtzeit-Strategiespielen von den Bitmap Brothers.

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Steam % 54

The Pasture

Steam | Windows, Mac | Casual, Indie, Nudity, Simulation

The Pasture gives you a truly innovative gameplay and experimental possibilities that will allow you to experience yourself as a different character ā€“ a member of mysterious modern art elite.

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Steam % 39

The Last Hope: Trump vs Mafia

Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Indie

You are Trump, the President of all Countries.

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Steam % 29

Finnish Roller

Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie

Indie ball game, where target is to pass different tracks avoiding obstacles which causes damage.

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