Cubic Bundle - Fresh Cubic Bundle

Cubic Bundle – Fresh Cubic Bundle

8 Steam games for $1!

A new Steam bundle with some nice indie games! Name your own price for NightmareZ, Cuties, VoxreD, Black Sand Drift, Bullet Life 2010, Neon Space ULTRA, Spectrubes, Citalis.

Each game is delivered as Steam keys. You can activate / redeem these product keys on Steam. All of them are playable on your Windows PC. 7 games include Steam Trading Cards. Grab the complete bundle for $1.

This game bundle contains

Steam % 84

Neon Space ULTRA

Steam | Windows | Action, Indie

The game takes place in the vast outer space, which became a field of fierce battles.

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Steam % 77


Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure, Indie, Puzzle

A new addictive puzzle game from the creators of Big Journey to Home, inspired both by the eighties and the modern games – we present Spectrubes!

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Steam % 77


Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual, Indie, Puzzle

The action takes place deep underground, the main enemy "Voxler" kidnaps the younger brother of the protagonist and puts a difficult task: to get a card and a difficult to guess a riddle, and if you do not unravel, all knitted begin!

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Steam % 74


Steam | Windows, Mac | Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy

Citalis is a fast paced city simulation game where you must carefully manage your city to avoid crime and disasters such as floods and droughts - all whilst making a profit!

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Steam % 73

Black Sand Drift

Steam | Windows | Action, Casual, Indie

For over 300 years, the five planets of the Kotiro galaxy have struggled under the heavy hand of maniacal, mechanical bots called Spiral.

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Steam % 67


Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Puzzle

The colorful and positive arcade in the best traditions of retro gaming in a new way, remember the best years and plunge headlong into the childhood of this kind and incredibly cute colorful arcade - Cutties!

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Steam % 56

Bullet Life 2010

Steam | Windows | Action, Indie

Bullet Life, originally released in 2010, was the very first video game ever designed as a full on 3D Bullet Hell Shooter.

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Steam % 27


Steam | Windows | Action, Indie

NightmareZ is a side-scrolling platform action game with multiple enemies, lots of fancy features and retro visuals.

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