Metro Exodus Bundle

Bundle of Holding - The Bundle of Zobeck Reissue

Bundle of Holding - The Bundle of Zobeck teaser

A collection of DRM-Free Pathfinder RPG ebooks!

This tabletop role-playing ebook package includes the essential guides to the Free City of Zobeck from Kobold Press.

  • Zobeck Gazetteer
  • Streets of Zobeck
  • Zobeck City Map
  • Midgard Campaign Setting
  • Player's Guide to the Crossroads
  • Alleys of Zobeck
  • Midgard Bestiary
  • Your Whispering Homunculus

Get the core collection of 3 ebooks for Only $5.95 or receive the complete package of 8 essential guides for just $14.63.

For use with Paizo Publishing's tabletop fantasy roleplaying game Pathfinder.

All ebooks are DRM-free .PDF and suitable for any tablet.

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Metro Exodus Bundle