Metro Exodus Bundle

Bundle of Holding - Starter Traveller Bundle

Bundle of Holding - Starter Traveller Bundle teaser

A collection of tabletop roleplaying games!

The streamlined 1983 introductory version of the original GDW SF-RPG. This collection provides everything you need to launch your own old-school spacefaring campaign across the Spinward Marches sector.

For Only $7.95 you get all the titles in the core collection (2 titles), for $17.60 (or pay what you want) you´ll get the complete bundle!

This bundle includes:

  • Traveller Starter Edition
  • The Imperial Fringe
  • The FIRST Spinward Marches map
  • Tarsus
  • The Spinward Marches
  • 76 Patrons
  • Traders and Gunboats
  • Starships and Spacecraft
  • The Kinunir

A collection of DRM-free .PDFs!

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Metro Exodus Bundle