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Groupees - TopWare Bundle


This Bundle contains 8 Games. Highest Metascore for Earth 2150!

Get each Game for $0.75 and donate for the WWF - World Wide Fund For Nature

  • STEAM %80
    Simulation, Strategy, Generalwindows, mac, linuxdrm-free, steam
    Knights and Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom
    KNIGHTS and MERCHANTS recreates the era of the Middle Ages. Apart from the purely fictitious geography of our world, all game elements and scenes are based on the Anglo-Saxon period, 1200 A.D. And we haven't used imaginary elements like fabled creatures, A game by Topware Interactive
  • STEAM %66
    Strategy, Real Time Strategy, Generalwindowssteam
    Pirates of Black Cove
    Set in the golden age of pirates, this is your chance to become pirate king and conquer the Caribbean. Join, champion, and unite the three pirate factions: Pirates, Corsairs and Buccaneers. You must ultimately leverage this unity in all out war against A game by Nitro Games
    Real-Time Strategywindowsdrm-free
    Earth 2140
    A game by TopWare Interactive
  • Metascore78
    Real-Time Strategywindowsdrm-free
    Earth 2150
    A game by TopWare Interactive
  • STEAM %-
    Action Adventurewindowssteam
    East India Company Gold
    Build, manage and rule the World's most powerful trading empire from Europe to the Far East. A game by Nitro Games
    World War 2: Panzer Claws
  • STEAM %-
    Other Strategy Gameswindowssteam
    World War III: Black Gold
    A fully 3D RTS featuring three parties: the USA, Russia and Iraq. hichever is chosen allows the player to select two campaigns, consisting of 5 missions on average. A game by Reality Pump
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