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This bundle includes the following indie games: Cyberpunk 3776, Radium, The Sun at Night, Kel Reaper of Entropy, Leave Home, Elements: Soul of Fire, Arkadianax, QRTH-PHYL, Angels of Fasaria, ClusterPuck 99, Pirated Pirates and bonus games!

All games are available via Desura (except Kel and Radium) and DRM-Free download.

Also all games are on Steam Greenlight. Don´t miss to vote for them!

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  • STEAM %88
    RPG, Role Playing, Console-style RPGwindowsgreenlight, desura, drm-free
    Elements: Soul of Fire
    The light of the world fades. Evil hearts seek the Power of the Elements - the forces which bind the universe together - thus threatening all of existence. An homage to the 8-BIT era with a charming art style. A game by Soul Catapult
  • STEAM %77
    Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Console-style RPGwindowsgreenlight, drm-free
    Angels of Fasaria: The Battle for Dominion
    What is Angels of Fasaria?: Angels of Fasaria was originally a 2D RPG that was first released in 2005. With thousands of downloads and over 48 thousand active users in the browser based game, Angels of Fasaria maintained a loyal following and support A game by New Source Entertainment
  • STEAM %77
    Action, Indie, Arcade, Generalwindows, macgreenlight, desura, drm-free
    Cyberpunk 3776
    Cyberpunk 3776 harkens back to the glory days of arcade shoot-em-ups. It all begins on a postapocalyptic earth and proceeds into space. Your journey will be a metaphor about life and death, a road that every person has to walk down alone. The only A game by Peter Hann
  • STEAM %58
    Adventure, Indie, Action RPGwindows, macgreenlight, drm-free
    KEL Reaper of Entropy
    Remember all those games in which you start in a village and you have to prove your worth by clearing the local crypt of undead skeletons? What if you woke up as one of those skeletons instead of the wannabe hero? A game by Tavern Games
  • Greenlight?
    Actionwindows, mac, linuxgreenlight, desura, drm-free
    The mix of 2dimension and 3dimension, bring us ARKADIANAX, a very peculiar explosive shoot em up where you have to use the right cannon for each situation! A game by Sumersion Studio
  • Greenlight?
    windows, macgreenlight, drm-free
    ClusterPuck 99
    A sporty competitive sports game! Navigate through 20 dangerous maps littered with bumpers, speed boosts and spikes! Bash your friends to gain control of the puck A game by PHL Collective
  • Greenlight?
    windowsgreenlight, desura, drm-free
    Leave Home
    Abstract shooter with adaptive difficulty and metaphorical explosions. Fixed length game session. Score points. Increase difficulty. Split shots. Leave Home... A game by Hermit Games
  • Greenlight?
    Pirated Pirates
    Pirated Pirates is Tower Defence Game with 12 Levels on different parts of an Island, 12 small to high enemy boats, 3 types of weapons and 3 types of power up. A game by Jockerman
  • Greenlight?
    Actionwindowsgreenlight, desura, drm-free
    QRTH-PHYL continues the algorithmic, generative and metaphorical arcade game design ideas last seen in previous hermitgames release Leave Home. A game by Hermit Games
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