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10 DRM-free indie games including Two exclusive debut games!

Amidos said: "What are you waiting for its only 6 days go support indies!" :D Pay What You Want

Bundle In A Box is a thematic pay-what-you-want gaming bundle, that helps new games debut, supports charity and directly strengthens creators via the Indie Dev Grant.

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  • From tense shootouts to melancholy moments, the atmospheric music of Austin Haynes sets the mood for Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller.

    Volume 1 contains 26 songs from the game, plus "The Taking" by Robert and Raleigh Holmes of The Scarlet Furies!

    Links: Video
  • The original soundtrack the stunning puzzler in mp3 format. 6 lovely pieces of in-game music you can download and listen to everywhere. Obviously DRM-free!

  • Music from sci-fi adventure Reversion. Three great compositions in ogg format.

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