The ZX Spectrum "40th Birthday Game Mix Tape" Bundle

The ZX Spectrum "40th Birthday Game Mix Tape" Bundle

On April 23rd 1982 the late, great, Sir Clive Sinclair released his colour computer, the ZX Spectrum. It changed everything and brought gaming to the masses in the UK and around the world.
The legend lives on with this collection of modern games made for the classic machine!

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Attention: You’ll need an emulator to run these games! Here are a few suggestions in no particular order: Fuse, Retro Virtual Machine 2, ZXSP (Mac), ZEsarUX, ... Some games require the 128k version of the Spectrum to run, so be sure to select that in your emulator of choice! 🙂

  • ADVENTURES CONTINUE ZX Spectrum 48/128k
  • Albatrossity
  • Alien Girl - ZX Spectrum
  • Alien Slaphead
  • Bat Boy - (ZX Spectrum 48/128K)
  • Black & White - (ZX Spectrum 128K) - Full Game!
  • Chez Maxime ZX
  • Chopper Defence - ZX Spectrum homebrew
  • Cocoa 2: Twenty Four Hour Parsley People (ZX Spectrum)
  • Cosmic Space Attack 48K | ZX Spectrum | PC
  • Cursor Draw Reborn (ZX Spectrum)
  • Escuela de Ladrones / Thieves School
  • Forward to the Past
  • Laserbirds (ZX Spectrum)
  • Last Train To Tranz-Central (ZX Spectrum)
  • Main Course - The Retro Cut (ZX Spectrum)
  • Misifu Remeow (Zx Spectrum)
  • Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer
  • Ninjakul 2: The Last Ninja (ZX Spectrum 128k)
  • Ninjakul in the AUIC Temple (ZX Spectrum 128k)
  • Ooze : The Escape
  • Project Vaelius
  • Quadron
  • Retro-Adventure Collection
  • Robot 1 in.... THE PLANET OF DEATH!!
  • Shovel Adventure (ZX Spectrum 128k)
  • SubBlitz
  • TRASHMAN Crisis Time ZX Spectrum 48/128k
  • The Lava Birds (ZX Spectrum)
  • The Seance
  • The Swarm is Coming... (ZX Spectrum)
  • Tokimal (ZX Spectrum 128k)
  • Unhallowed
  • Vegetables ZX Spectrum
  • Where Did The Moon Go?