The new Humble Choice

TODAY! The new Humble Choice

Humble Monthly becomes Humble Choice!

What's Humble Choice? It’s an upgrade to the well-known and beloved Humble Monthly. Humble Choice curates 10 great games every month. Then, you can choose the games you keep forever!

Get the new Humble Choice Bundle here!

HINT: ALREADY A HUMBLE MONTHLY SUBSCRIBER? Humble Monthly subscribers will get exclusive access to the Classic plan! Learn about our plan for Humble Monthly subscribers.

Don't miss Humble Bundle's latest take on the PC gaming subscription!

Humble Choice details:

  • Choose up to 9 of 10 games total and keep them forever.
  • See all the games upfront. No more waiting.
  • Get up to 20% off the Store.

Meet Humble Choice

Meet Humble Choice: every month Humble Bundle curates 10 great games and you choose the ones you keep forever. Humble Bundle's latest take on PC gaming subscriptions.