The Free Bundle 2

The Free Bundle 2

5 free Games you may have missed.

Including A Nation of Wind - Arena Shooters and Real Time Strategy, Under the Garden - Sword & Sworcery meets Minecraft meets Another World, Blitz Meet - a co-op game, Mad Father - a japanese horror game and Zineth - just speed!

All awesome, all free. Support Indie Developer - Donate, if you love a Game!

All games are direct downloadable on the developers websites.

There are more free games: Visit the free games section or take a look at the other Free Bundles!

This game bundle contains

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Mad Father

Free | Windows | Adventure, Indie

Mad Father is back!

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A Nation of Wind

Free | Windows |

If you like RTS and you also like shooters then you are in for a treat.

Under the Garden

Free | Windows |

A sandbox-style exploration game.

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Blitz Meet

Free | Windows |

Have you heard of Pong?

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Free | Windows, Mac |

Remember Virtua Racing?