The Free Bundle 10

The Free Bundle 10

5 Free Indie Games you may have missed!

A compilation of games including a Fun Racer in Mario Kart Style, 2 Horror titles, a Point and Click Adventure and a classic fighting game called Fighting Street! 😀

Safe your money and play some awesome free games!

All awesome, all FREE! Also include 2 games redeemable on Desura!

All games are direct downloadable on the developers websites.

There are more free games: Visit the free games section or take a look at the other Free Bundles!

This game bundle contains

One Late Night

Drm-free, Desura | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure Games

A short but immersive horror-game.

Super Tux Kart

Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux |

A 3D Kart racing game in Super Mario Kart Style!


Drm-free, Desura | Windows |

A experimental 'Noire's inspired Point and Click Adventure game topped with a delightful soundtrack.

Fighting Street

Drm-free | Windows |

Looks like a remake?

SCP - Containment Breach

Drm-free | Windows |

Set in a containment site of The SCP Foundation your primary goal is to make it out alive.