The DevOps & Cloud Computing Bundle

The DevOps & Cloud Computing Bundle

Master DevOps!

The DevOps business is booming & here's your 20-hour resource to learn AWS, Jenkins, TeamCity, & more.

A new e-Learning offer presented by Stacksocial.

In this bundle, you'll learn how to work with some of the most common CI (continuous integration) and CD (continuous delivery) tools available.

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What's in the bundle?

  • AWS CodePipeline and CodeDeploy:
    Learn DevOps Skills with Rising Demand
  • Jenkins: CI & DevOps with Java and .NET:
    Streamline Software Builds with Jenkins
  • TeamCity: CI & DevOps with Java and .NET:
    Learn Sought After Skills with Rising Demand
  • AWS MasterClass: Storage & CDN:
    Learn Cloud Computing, Storage, & CDN Services in AWS-S3, EBS, EFS, & CloudFront
  • AWS MasterClass: Monitoring and DevOps with AWS CloudWatch:
    Use AWS CloudWatch & SNS to Keep a Close Eye on Your AWS Cloud
  • AWS MasterClass: DevOps with AWS Command Line Interface:
    Use AWS CLI to Automate Your AWS Cloud Services
  • DevOps: CI/CD with Jenkins Pipelines, Maven, Gradle:
    Build Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, & DevOps Pipelines with Java, Gradle, Maven, & More

Experience level required: all levels