The Complete VR Development Bundle

The Complete VR Development Bundle

The VR Dev Bundle

Discover how to build Virtual Reality gaming experiences in Unity 3D. Don't miss this all-new e-Learning bundle. Interested in creating VR games but don't know where to start? Discover Unity VR basics & build a game for all current platforms!

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What's included?

  • VR Game Development with Unity for Beginners:
    Discover VR Basics & Build a Game for Current Platforms
  • WebVR for Beginners: Build VR Websites with A-Frame:
    Learn to Create Interactive VR Websites from Scratch
  • Unity VR Development: Night with Mosquitos Game:
    Create an Immersive & Spooky Game Experience in Virtual Reality
  • Unity VR Development: 360° Photos Experience:
    Use 360º Photos to Create an Interactive VR Experience in Unity
  • Unity VR Development: 360° Video Quiz App:
    Learn About 360º Video & Create an Interactive VR Quiz App in Unity