Humble March Bundle with CONTROL

The Complete VR Development Bundle

The Complete VR Development Bundle teaser

The VR Dev Bundle

Discover how to build Virtual Reality gaming experiences in Unity 3D. Don't miss this all-new e-Learning bundle. Interested in creating VR games but don't know where to start? Discover Unity VR basics & build a game for all current platforms!

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What's included?

  • VR Game Development with Unity for Beginners:
    Discover VR Basics & Build a Game for Current Platforms
  • WebVR for Beginners: Build VR Websites with A-Frame:
    Learn to Create Interactive VR Websites from Scratch
  • Unity VR Development: Night with Mosquitos Game:
    Create an Immersive & Spooky Game Experience in Virtual Reality
  • Unity VR Development: 360° Photos Experience:
    Use 360º Photos to Create an Interactive VR Experience in Unity
  • Unity VR Development: 360° Video Quiz App:
    Learn About 360º Video & Create an Interactive VR Quiz App in Unity
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Humble March Bundle with CONTROL