The Complete Unity Game Developer Bundle

The Complete Unity Game Developer Bundle

Learn Game Development

From animation to monetization, here are 200+ lessons to get your game off the ground.

A new e-Learning bundle by Stacksocial.

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Included courses

  • Procedural Content Generation: Save Time By Making Your Games Build Themselves
  • Working With Huge Worlds In Unity: Build Massive Game Worlds & Make Them Run Smoother
  • Augmented Reality Game Development: Mix the Real World with Your Game\'s Using This Futuristic Technology
  • Storytelling In Games With Unity Cinemachine: Create Professional Cutscenes That Captivate Your Audience
  • Controllable Human Animations With Unity: Bring Life to Your Gaming World By Creating a Playable Human Character
  • Master Unity Mobile Game Development: Walk Through Mobile Game Development in Only 3 Hours
  • Build A Complete Unity 2D Mobile Platformer Game: Get a Step-By-Step Guide for Creating Your Own Unity Platformer