Metro Exodus Bundle

The Complete Game Design & Developer Bundle

The Complete Game Design & Developer Bundle teaser

Master game app creation!

Become a successful game creator with 120+ hours of 3d & 2d game creation training. A new e-Learning bundle. This bundle covers game design and game development.

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What's included?

  • Build iPad, iPhone & OS X Games for SpriteKit in Swift: Get Your Hands Dirty Creating Real Games to Solidify Your Game Development Skills
  • Professional Video Game Art School Course: Get a Holistic Game Development Education with 83-Hours of Training: 3ds Max, Craft 2D & 3D Images, and More
  • The Complete HTML5 Mobile Game Development Course: Use the Phaser HTML5 Framework & JavaScript Technologies to Build Cross-Platform Games
  • Unity3D 2016: Build, Program & Publish a Crossy Road Game:
  • Learn 3D Modelling and Texturing from Scratch with Blender:
  • Learn tvOS for Game Development: Learn Essential Game Development Principles by Designing Games for Apple TV & iOS
Metro Exodus Bundle