The Complete Application Development Bundle

The Complete Application Development Bundle

Learn by Building Real World Apps!

This bundle will introduce you to some of today's hottest app development frameworks.

Electron, React Native, Django, Laravel, and jQuery Mobile.

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What's included?

  • Projects in React Native - Build Real World Apps:
    An In-Depth Guide to Native Programming with JavaScript.
  • Beginner's Guide to Electron Framework:
    Learn to Build Desktop Apps Using Electron Framework.
  • Projects in Django:
    Learn Django Building Projects:
    Build Real-World, Professional Django Apps From Scratch.
  • Projects in Laravel:
    A Complete Course to Master the Latest Laravel 5.4 Web Framework.
  • Projects in jQuery Mobile:
    Learn by Building Real World Apps:
    Write Cross-Platform Apps in Half the Time with jQuery Mobile.
  • Projects in Electron:
    Learn Electron Framework Building Apps:
    Develop Cross OS Desktop Apps with the Hottest JavaScript Framework.