Humble Monthly 2021 - April

The Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle

The Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle teaser

An WebDev eBook Bundle

Here's a 9-book digital library to be your reference for everything from web development to software engineering. This e-Learning bundle covers Angular 2, Java, Python, React, JavaScript, Git, Xamarin, Swift 3 and Scala.

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What's included?

  • Learning Angular 2: Your Quick, No-Nonsense Guide to Building Real-World Apps with Angular 2
  • Java Deep Learning Essentials: Dive Into the Future of Data Science
  • Mastering Python: Get Up to Speed with Python Using All of the Features of Python 3.5
  • Mastering React: Master the Art of Building Modern Web Applications Using React
  • Mastering JavaScript: Explore & Master Modern JavaScript Techniques to Build Large-Scale Web Apps
  • Mastering Git: Use This Source Control Management Program to Streamline & Organize Your Development Process
  • Xamarin Cross-Platform Development Cookbook: A Recipe-Based Practical Guide to Get You Up & Running with Xamarin
  • Swift 3 Functional Programming: Bring the Power of Swift Functional Programming to iOS, Web, macOS, watchOS & tvOS
  • Scala High Performance Programming: Leverage Scala & the Functional Paradigm to Build Performant Software
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Humble Monthly 2021 - April