The 2022 Complete Game Developer Bundle

The 2022 Complete Game Developer Bundle teaser

10 Hands-On Courses to Guide You Through Game Development! Build Games of Various Types with 15 Hours of Content on Godot, Unreal, & Unity. A new e-Learning bundle.

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What's included?

  • Survival Game Player Mechanics for Beginners: Build Survival Games by Learning Key Mechanics for First-Person Players & Environment Setup
  • Create a 2D RPG with Godot: Build a 2D RPG with Extendible Systems Using the Free, Open-Source Godot Game Engine
  • Craft a 2D Idle Clicker Game: Create a 2D Clicker un Unity & Build Popular Incremental Style Games
  • Construct a Strategy Game with Godot: Master the Free, Open-Source Godot Game Engine by Learning to Build a 2D City-Builder Strategy Game
  • Build an Action RPG in Unreal Engine: Set Up Action RPGs & Character Animations Using Unreal Engine
  • Build a Mobile Road Crossing Game: Implement Classic Game Mechanics for Mobile by Building a Road-Crossing Game in Unity
  • Build a Micro-Strategy Game: Learn Resource Management & Other Fundamental Strategy Game Mechanics
  • Build a First-Person Shooter with Godot: Master 3D Game Development Basics with Godot While Building Your Own FPS Game
  • Action RPG Development for Beginners: Explore Unity & Build a 3D Action RPG Complete with Animations, Enemy, AI, and More
  • Create Your First 2D Game in Unity: Start Your Game Development Journey with Unity by Building Your First 2D Platformer
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