The 2021 Premium Unity Game Developer Certification Bundle

The 2021 Premium Unity Game Developer Certification Bundle teaser

From Mobile & Video Game Building to Monetization, Master the Best Animation Development Practices Across 146 Hours of Training on Unity and Blender. A new game dev bundle by Stacksocial.

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What's included?

  • Make Games Without Coding in Construct 3 for Beginners: Get an Epic 5-Level Course & Learn to Make Your Own Computer Games
  • Anyone Can Make a Video Game! Build a Battle Royale with Unity & Blender!: Design & Develop a Full-On Battle Royal System and Environment from Scratch
  • Shader Graph for Beginners: Visually Create Shaders without the Need for Codes
  • Craft a 2D Idle Clicker Game: Create a 2D Clicker un Unity & Build Popular Incremental Style Games
  • Intro to Mobile Game Development: Learn How to Detect Touch Inputs, Build Games for Mobile & More
  • Discover In-App Purchases for Mobile Games: Explore Unity's In-App Purchasing Service & Learn to Add In-App Purchases
  • Create an AR Block Builder Game: Master Cross-Platform Development with AR Foundation & Unity
  • Build & Model a 3D Super Mario Runner Clone in Unity: Get an Introduction to Unity Coding by Building Your First Game
  • Make Low Poly 3D Environment Models in Blender & Unity: Learn How to Use Blender & Unity in Creating 3D Environment Models
  • Make a 2D Flappy Bird Game in Unity: Code in C# & Make Art: Learn to Code & Make Art in Photoshop by Building a Flappy Bird-Inspired Game
  • Make an Angry Birds Clone in Unity: Complete 2D Puzzle Game: Build a Casual Game From Start to Finish Using C#
  • Learn to Code by Making an Air Hockey Game in Unity: Build an Air Hockey Game to Learn to Code & Make Art in Blender
  • Make a Mega Dude Action Shooter Game in Unity with Pixel Art: Build a Game from Scratch in Unity with Pixel Art in MagicaVoxel & Photoshop
  • Learn Unity Artificial Intelligence by Making a Tank Game: Learn Artificial Intelligence & Use Star Algorithm and Code in C#
  • Make a Starship Unity Game Powered by Artificial Intelligence: Build a 3D Pathfinding Games with C#
  • The Secret to Smoother Gameplay with Unity AI: Make a Spaceship Game with Artificial Intelligence & C#
  • Mobile Game Monetization with Ads: Start Monetizing Your Unity Game Projects by Adding In-Game Ads

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