The 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle

The 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle teaser

Learn computer-aided design. Kickstart Your Lucrative Coding Career with 10 Courses and 120+ Hours of Training in HTML, Java, Ruby & More. A new e-Learning bundle by Stacksocial.

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What's included?

  • The Complete Full-Stack JavaScript Course: Learn Full-Stack Web Development Using JavaScript
  • The Complete 2020 Web Developer Project Bootcamp : This Ultimate Web Development Bootcamp Gives You Hands-On Experience Working With HTML5, CSS3, JS, ES6, Node, APIs, Mobile & More!
  • Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 & CSS3: Learn Modern Web Design by Coding a Real Project Step-by-Step
  • Learn Flutter & Dart: Complete App Development Projects: Learn to Build Apps in Flutter, Google's Cross-Platform Framework & Code with Its Dart Programming Language
  • Data Mining with Python - Real-Life Data Science Exercises: Get Hands-On Python Experience With Exercises in Visualization, Machine Learning, Apache Spark, SQL, NLP, Matplotlib and More!
  • Beginners R Programming: Data Science and Machine Learning: Learn to Code in C# and Make Projects in R Data Analytics, Management & More!
  • Python Programming, CS, Algorithms & Data Structures: Learn Programming with Python 3 & Build Algorithms & Data Structures From Scratch
  • Django 2 & Python: The Ultimate Web Development Bootcamp: Streamline Your Web Development by Learning the New Features of Django 2
  • JavaScript Beginner Bootcamp: Understand the JavaScript Language & Learn to Create and Launch Interactive Webpages
  • The Deep Learning Masterclass: Classify Images with Keras: Catalyze Your Foray Into AI by Building a Model That Classifies Images

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