STEAM Play for FREE: GunGirl 2

STEAM Play for FREE: GunGirl 2

Play a free game on STEAM. GunGirl 2 is a great action platformer which is playable on your Windows PC. This game has got epic 92% positive Steam user reviews! A free game by Paul Schneider, developer of Unloved & Super Panda Adventures! Thank you.

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The Game? "GunGirl 2" for Steam

GunGirl2 is an action platformer in the style of games like Metroid, Castlevania or Cave Story. But with blood… LOTS of blood! Go on an epic adventure and explore a huge world with the heroic blonde chick GunGirl or her best friend GunDude.

The game has got 92% positive reviews on Steam!

"GunGirl 2 is a great example of how a game doesn't have to have HD graphics or an epic storyline unraveling the mysteries of the universe."[...]"the accurate platforming and satisfying shooting make it a blast to play." 8.5 – Gamespot

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GunGirl 2 - Windows Game Review

by KevinVsKalvin

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Play "GunGirl 2" for FREE (STEAM)

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