STEAM Key for FREE: The Adventurer - Beginning of the End

STEAM Key for FREE: The Adventurer - Beginning of the End

Grab another FREE Steam key! This time it's "The Adventurer - Beginning of the End" - a role-playing game which is playable on your Windows PC! Additionally it contains Steam Trading Cards. A free game gift by Indie Gala.

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The Game? "The Adventurer" for STEAM (Windows) + Cards!

Imagine every time you fall asleep new adventure awaits you...

In episode 1, Kingdom of Bisera, all virgin girls mysteriously disappeared over night. It's your task to find & rescue them. As you explore lands on your mission you will encounter various type of enemies each with his own abilities and weaknesses, you will be able to recruit old friends and new allies. Most hilarious NPC's in gaming history, you will enjoy many many jokes and funny quotes.

This game contains Steam Trading Cards!

The Adventurer - Episode 1: Beginning of the End (TEASER)

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Grab "The Adventurer - Beginning of the End" for FREE here! (Steam)

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