STEAM Key for FREE: Rush Bros.

STEAM Key for FREE: Rush Bros.

Free Steam keys! At the moment, you can grab a FREE Steam Key for Rush Bros. at GMG!

This promotion by Green Man Gaming only runs for a limited time!

Attention: It´s only possible to grab a key, if you had a GMG account before the deal started!

If you have any question or problem, take a look at the comments! Feel free to add your own question, giveaway a key, or just add a note! On our facebook page we can help too!

Better be fast! Good luck!

How to grab the Game?

You simply have to link your existing Steam account with your Green Man Gaming (or Playfire) Account!

Step 1: Preconditions

If you have these accounts, you can jump to step 2

Step 2: Request a link

Fill out the form with your Green Man Gaming account credentials.

You will find the Form here!

After submitting the form, you will receive a an email.

Step 3: Check your mail / Link your Steam profile!

After submitting the form (step 2), you will receive an email with the subject: "Thank you from Green Man Gaming".

This email contains the link pointing to Steam in order to link your Steam account.

Click the link and connect your Green Man Gaming account with your Steam account!

If you´ve done this, you will receive another email.

Step 4: Check your mail / "Your Game Activation Key"


This email contains the Steam Key for Rush Bros.

Step 5: Redeem the Steam Key 😀

I hope, everybody know how this works. If not, just ask in the comments! We will help!

The Game? Rush Bros. for STEAM

A platforming game which uses your music collection as an integral part of the overall experience. Your music directly influence how the levels move, look, and feel. The entire world revolves around your music.

Hint: This game additionally includes Steam Trading Cards!


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