STEAM KEY for FREE: Offworld Trading Company

(Multiplayer) STEAM KEY for FREE: Offworld Trading Company

Grab another great GAME for FREE. This time it's the multiplayer mode of "Offworld Trading Company", a RTS from Civilization IV Lead Designer, Soren Johnson.

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The Game? "Offworld Trading Company (Multiplayer)" (Windows)

"Want to play an awesome game about the Free Market and snub Capitalism while you do it? Now’s your chance with our FREE multiplayer client! You’ll be able to join online skirmish games or ranked ladder games and play against other Offworld entrepreneurs, even if you don’t own the base game. If you enjoy yourself, you can upgrade to the full version of the game to gain access to the campaign, daily challenges, and other skirmish modes." -- Official Stardock announcement

OTC - Five Useful Multiplayer Tips

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