STEAM Key for FREE: Life Is Strange - Episode 1

+ Cards! STEAM Key for FREE: Life Is Strange - Episode 1

Grab a STEAM Key for free! This time you can grab this 1st episode of the critically acclaimed adventure game "Life Is Strange" (Metascore 77 / 97% positive STEAM reviews!). Use the Steam key and the game will give you Trading Cards! Have fun.

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The Game? "Life Is Strange Episode 1" for Steam (Win)

Chrysalis is an introduction to the world of Life is Strange. You’ll see Max and Chloe reunite and you’ll make important choices that will influence their destiny. You will observe some of the short-term consequences of those choices but know that there are also mid and long-term repercussions that will pan out over the course of the later episodes, in a butterfly effect manner.

Life is Strange - Review

by GT Reviews

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STEAM-Key: Grab "Life Is Strange Ep1" for FREE (Amazon, "Steam Key" + Trading Cards)

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You can also grab the first episode directly from Steam. Unfortunately only the Amazon "Steam-Key" version gives you Steam Trading Cards!

STEAM: Grab "Life Is Strange Ep1" for FREE (Steampowerd, "Steam Game" without Cards!)

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