STEAM Game for FREE: UFHO2 teaser

Get another STEAM game for free! This time you can grab the smart mash-up of puzzler and boardgame "UFHO2" which is playable on your Windows PC, Apple Mac and Linux! The regular price was $9.99 until today... but starting today it's FREE! Thank you to the developer Tiny Colossus.

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The Game? "UFHO2" for Steam (Win / Mac / Linux)

Play an alien navigating a maze of hexagons in this competitive mix between strategy and board game. Plan your next turn, think fast, act faster, and outmanoeuvre your opponents by predicting their moves. UFHO2 is strategy at its finest.


by Dad's Gaming Addiction

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Grab "UFHO2" for FREE on Steam! (Green Play Game button!)

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The regular price of UFHO2 was $9.99 until today... but starting today it's FREE! (Steam price history) You can simply use the button on the Steam store page and play the game for free. Have fun.

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