STEAM GAME for FREE: Quake Live

STEAM GAME for FREE: Quake Live

Starting today you can grab and play a FREE Steam game. It´s the free-to-play online shooter "Quake Live" - based on the legendary series - playable on Window! A game by id Software and Bethesda Softworks.

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Get "Quake Live" for FREE on Steam! (You can play the game forever)

Have fun with this game!

The Game? "Quake Live" for STEAM (Windows)

From the legendary Quake series that founded the online shooter genre comes the most exciting, energetic, and fast-paced free-to-play shooter on the Internet.

Play against players around the world in over 100 arenas, and a dozen game modes, in one of the most competitive shooters online today.

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Quake Live - Official Steam Launch Trailer

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