STEAM GAME for FREE: American McGee's Grimm - Episode 1

STEAM GAME for FREE: American McGee's Grimm - Episode 1

Grab a FREE game for STEAM! This time it's the first episode "A Boy Learns What Fear Is" of American McGee's Grimm, an adventure which is playable on your Windows PC! The game has 78% positive reviews on Steam and additionally includes Steam Trading Cards! A promotion by Spicyhorse Games.

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"Grim Ep 1 - A Boy Learns What Fear Is" for Steam (Win) + Trading Cards

The true meaning of the word fear... Once upon a time, fairy tales were valuable cautionary yarns filled with dire warnings and sage advice. However, over time, the stories have become so watered down with cute woodland creatures and happy endings that they have lost their true meaning and purpose. No more! This is American McGee's Grimm, and Happily Ever After ends now!

This game contains Steam Trading Cards.

GRIMM - Episode 1 - Video Review

by TheJohnnyK Productions

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tl;dr GRIMM - Episode 1 is free! Just click the "Install Game" button and add the game to your Steam account. (See comments / Screenshot)

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