STEAM BUNDLE for FREE: The 4-Game Bundle

STEAM BUNDLE for FREE: The 4-Game Bundle

Grab 4 Steam GAMES for FREE! At the moment you have the chance to grab a complete game BUNDLE for FREE. It includes the 4 STEAM games Clickr, PID, Rabbit Hole 3D and (and the imaginatively entitled) Rooms: The Main Building. An offer by Playfire / GMG.

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Which games are included?

This freebie bundle contains the following games. All for FREE! Find all review videos below.

How do you get your BUNDLE for FREE?

You´ll find all instructions on the following page. Please read carefully!

Join Playfire and link your Steam account to receive a random FREE STEAM GAME BUNDLE!

Grab "Sky Rogue" for FREE here! - Promotion has ended.

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How to?

  • 1. Create a new Playfire account - Promo ended! - (and susbcribe to the newsletter).
  • 2. Link this Playfire account with your Steam account (Playfire settings).
  • 3. The Bundle will appear your Playfire profile (My Rewards) or mail.
  • 4. Sometimes this takes a little bit longer. Please be patient.

You can claim this free game if you don't currently have a Playfire account that is linked to Steam. If you have an existing Playfire account all you need to do is link it to your Steam account. If you have a valid Green Man Gaming account you should log into playfire with that.

Create a new Playfire account and link it to your Steam account.

If you've any question or problem, then just take a look at the comments! Feel free to ask a question, or just add a note!

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Have fun with these game!

Clickr for STEAM (Windows) + Trading Cards

Click, turn and match four blocks! Enjoy smart and speedy puzzle action! Clickr is a next generation puzzle game.

PID - Steam (Win/Mac)

A young boy named Kurt finds himself stranded on a peculiar planet, and he must find his way home. Finding help from unlikely allies and the curious tools in his backpack, Kurt must use gravity-defying beams to conquer every platform and solve every puzzle on this strange journey.

Rabbit Hole 3D - Steam (Windows/Mac/Linux) + Trading Cards

Rabbit Hole 3D: Steam Edition is a minimalistic retro puzzle game. The game features 3D word puzzles based on Chapter 1 of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Rooms: The Main Building - Steam (Windows/Mac) + Trading Cards

Use object inside rooms and move the rooms to escape. 100 challenging sliding puzzles with a twist! The solution is only a doorstep away!

More "FOR FREE"?

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