StackSocial - Work From Home 2020 Bundle

StackSocial - Work From Home 2020 Bundle

Your 33-Hour Guide to Becoming the Home Boss! Start Earning with 16 Courses on Freelancing, Copywriting, Virtual Team Management & More.

The 2020 Ultimate Work From Home Starter Kit!

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What's included?

  • Work From Home & Dominate as a Freelancer on Upwork: Win the Jobs You Want & Earn Big on Freelance Websites
  • Leading Effective 1-on-1 Meetings: Win Loyalty & Retention: How to Structure & Lead Effective 1-on-1 Meetings to Boost Results and Benefit Your Job and Career
  • Leading Effective Meetings: Gain the Confidence & Skillset Needed to Pull Off a Flawless Meeting
  • How to Hire & Manage Virtual Teams: Understand & Implement the Best Practice of Remote Hiring and Management
  • Small Business Lead Generation & Cold Email: B2B and B2C: Build a Lead Generation Campaign That Will Grow Your Business, Your Network & Your Opportunities
  • Work From Home: 5 Ways To Turn Your Knowledge & Skills Into an Online Business: Discover the Top 5 Legitimate Full-Time Businesses You Can Do Right from Home
  • Freelancing: How to Work from Home Doing Freelance Gigs: Grow Your Freelancing Job from a One-Person Service to a Full-Blown Business
  • Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income: Effectively Refer Quality Products Online for Commission
  • Selling Information Products For Passive Income: Discover a Powerful, Proven Way to Make Money with Digital Information Products
  • The Complete Copywriting Workshop For Increased Online Sales: Be a Professional Wordsmith & Persuade with Words on Paper, Webpage, Videos, and More
  • How To Run Google Adwords Facebook Ads & Bing Ads Using PPC: Earn Money By Driving Traffic to Your Website Through Paid Ads
  • Product Sourcing Master Class: 33 Ways to Source Products for Amazon FBA & eBay: Know Exactly What You Need to Do to Turn Amazon FBA & eBay Into Massive Profit Generators
  • How To Be Hyper Productive In Your Home-Based Business: Develop Key Profit Disciplines of Working From Home
  • How to Become a Freelance Copywriter — Work from Home: Conduct Your Self Like a Professional Freelance Copywriter & Start Your Copywriting Business in Seven Days
  • Start Your Own Online Business From Home in Just 30 Minutes: Monetize Your Passion & Turn It Into an Online Business from Scratch
  • The Online Entrepreneur Survival Guide: Work From Home & Survive: Who Says You Have to Go Into the Office? Learn How to Thrive While Working from Home