StackSocial - The Programming Collection 2020

StackSocial - The Programming Collection 2020

Learn programming from the Ground Up.

Your 14-Hour Programming Bootcamp! Kick Off Your Career as a Developer with 9 Courses on JavaScript, Mobile Game Development, Machine Learning & App Development.

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What's included?

  • The Complete Beginner\'s JavaScript Course: Learn JavaScript from the Ground Up & Make Your Own Game or App Project
  • Machine Learning for Beginners with Tensorflow: Understand the Data-Filled World of Machine Learning with Real-World Applications
  • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for Image Classification: Build Your Own CNN for Image Recognition Using Tensorflow 2.0, Keras, & MNIST Dataset
  • Mobile Game Development for Beginners: Build & Optimize Mobile Games for Both iOS and Android Using the Unity Engine
  • Build a Micro-Strategy Game: Learn Resource Management & Other Fundamental Strategy Game Mechanics
  • Develop an AR App for the Retail Industry: Manipulate Virtual Furniture Objects in AR Space Using Unity & AR Foundation
  • Discover React for Web Applications: Dive Into the UI-Oriented JavaScript Library React & Create Data-Rich Web Apps
  • iOS App Development for Beginners: Learn the Swift Programming Language & Build, Run, and Test Apps in Apple\'s IDE Xcode
  • Intro to Java for Android Development: Begin Your Mobile Development Career by Learning Android Studio & Java for Basic Applications