StackSocial - Productive Design Mac Bundle

StackSocial - Productive Design Mac Bundle

Organize/Execute your creative tasks!

This bundle with great tools for designers, animators, and creatives of any kind contains Poser, Ember, Pixa, Anime Studio, TotalFinder and the Design Hacker Bundle, which includes tools to improve your design workflow.

You’ll get the same versions of the software as if you paid full price for them and you’ll also receive the same support, updates, and upgrade options as well.

Included software:

  • Ember - Easily capture & organize screenshots.
  • Pixa - Image management & sharing app
  • Poser 10 - A fun way to learn 3d.
  • Anime Studio Pro 10 - Animation for digital artists.
  • Art Text 2 - Logos & graphics without design experience.
  • TotalFinder - Brings tabs to your native finder.
  • Design Hacker Bundle - Tools to improve your workflow.

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