StackSocial - eduCBA e-Learning Bundle

StackSocial - eduCBA e-Learning Bundle

A Lifetime of Learning!

This e-Learning bundle by EduCBA provides unlimited access to 100+ courses to master Excel, VBAs, Macros, Equity Research, Wealth Management, Technical Analysis Investment Banking, Private Equity, Investment Research and more. It will prepare you to succeed in finance, business, investment banking, & more.

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  • Score lifetime access to all future courses
  • Access expert instructors via online Academic Support
  • Take mock tests & quizzes online
  • Add certificates of completion to your resume
  • Check out courses on IT, software, development, testing, networking, programming, 3D, design, CAD & more
  • Develop web apps using HTML, CSS, PHP & Javascript
  • Master languages such as: C, C++, C#, Java, Ruby, Python, PERL, etc

Experience level required: all levels