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SEGA's "Make WAR not LOVE" 2018 Coming Soon!

SEGA's "Make WAR not LOVE" 2018 teaser

SEGA will start another iteration of their infamous "MAKE WAR NOT LOVE" campaign. This 5th installment, named "The Unusual Suspects", will again give you nice freebies and the chance win daily prizes.

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How does this campaign by SEGA work?

"The Make War Not Love 5 campaign is run by SEGA. In order to take part in the campaign you will need to register your email address to receive information from SEGA, including information on how to participate in MWNL5 and redeem daily prizes." -- Official statement by SEGA

In the past years, SEGA gave away freebies like STEAM games and DLC. We can't say for sure, what they'll give away this year... but we guess, we should expect some "unusual suspects". 🙂

You'll find all instructions on the following page. Please read carefully!

Participate here to SEGA's "Make WAR not LOVE" campaign! - Starts February 14th, 2018

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