PREMIUM PASS for FREE: Battlefield 1

PREMIUM PASS for FREE: Battlefield 1

Your chance to grab this epic PREMIUM PASS for FREE. This time it's the Battlefield 1 PREMIUM PASS which is playable on your Windows PC! Add it to your library, it's On the House! A promotion by EA Games.

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"Battlefield 1 Premium Pass" (Windows)

Conquer the entire Great War with the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass. Get access to 16 multiplayer maps, new Operations and game modes, Elite classes and more in four themed digital expansion packs. Complete challenging weapon assignments to unlock everything from new blades to firearms. Gear up and charge every front!

What's included?

  • 16 new multiplayer maps
  • New Operations & game modes
  • New elite classes
  • New vehicles
  • 20 new weapons


by Westie

How to get this free game?

You´ll find all instructions on the following page. Please read carefully!

Grab "Battlefield 1 Premium Pass" for FREE here!

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