Pay What You Want - JavaScript Developer Bundle

Pay What You Want - JavaScript Developer Bundle

Become a pro JS Developer!

Master JavaScript with this e-Learning bundle on Javascript Frameworks, database management & more. The JavaScript Development bundle by Stacksocial covers AngularJS, Cassandra, MeteorJS, NodeJS, D3 & Rapid D3, ExpressJS, Babylon.js, JQuery, CouchDB and more.

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What's in the bundle?

  • Learn MeteorJS By Building 10 Real World Projects
  • Projects in ExpressJS - Learn ExpressJs Building 10 Projects
  • Mastering D3 & Rapid D3
  • 3D Programming with WebGL & Babylon.js for Beginners
  • Learn JavaScript Server Technologies From Scratch
  • Projects in JavaScript & JQuery
  • Learn NodeJS by Building 10 Projects
  • Learn Apache Cassandra from Scratch
  • Learn NoSQL Database Design From Scratch & With CouchDB
  • Projects in AngularJS - Learn by Building 10 Projects

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How It Works

  • 1. ▶ Pay what you want - if that's less than the average price, you'll still take home something great.
  • 2. Beat the average price & you'll take home the entire bundle.
  • 3. Beat the Leader's price & get entered into Stack Social's epic giveaway plus get featured on their Leaderboard!