MacHeist - Apple Design Award Bundle

MacHeist - Apple Design Award Bundle

A bundle made from the cream of the crop!

Apple presents a few select developers with their coveted Apple Design Award every year. MacHeist now created a Bundle with some of the best software around, as judged by Apple.

Get the complete bundle for just $19.99 $1,776

Bundled software:

  • BoinxTV - Your TV studio in a box
  • MacJournal - Keep track of precious moments
  • Toon Boom Studio - easy-to-use animations
  • AccountEdge Pro - Keep track of your business’s books
  • iSale - eBay business helper
  • Picturesque - turn photos into works of art
  • Starry Night Pro - puts the night sky at your fingertips
  • Xojo Desktop - Create multi-platform apps [LOCKED!]