Mac Heist - nano Bundle 5

Mac Heist - nano Bundle 5

A bundle with 9 top apps for Mac!

This nanoBundle by MacHeist includes Cinemagraph, WebCode, Periscope, Vitamin-R, Silo, MediaCentral, Oscura, Intaglio and a bonus app.

You´ll get the complete bundle for only $19.99.

Included software:

  • Cinemagraph Pro - Create living photos.
  • WebCode - Spend your time drawing code!
  • Periscope Pro - What's going on when you're not around?
  • Vitamin-R - Stay focused and productive!
  • Silo - Create 3D models with ease!
  • MediaCentral - The app that Front Row should have been.
  • Oscura: Second Shadow - Journey into a dark fairytale land.
  • Intaglio - Just start drawing!
  • Bonus app - Not unlocked yet!