Ludum Dare 28 - Selected game picks!

Ludum Dare 28 - Selected game picks!

Some remarkable games created during the 48 hours game programing competition Ludum Dare 28 .

All games are playable in your webbrowser. The titles "Singular", "You only get one path" and "Unibrow" are also downloadable.

If you search for an good Ludum Dare games overview, you should take a look at this Ludum Dare Games List on

There are 100% other remarkable games we´ve missed. If you know some, feel free to add them in our Comments area!

You have any favourite and what´s your opinion about this games?

The Games

Unibrow - Two words: Multidimensional platformer.

Shine - A platformer with a twist! Will you be able to end the age of darkness?

You only get one path - Take control of 2 little aliens at the same time!

Superblade - A quick and tense ninja adventure.

Singular - A game about the dangers of being lonely to face certain events.

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