Loudr - Game Music Bundle 7

Loudr - Game Music Bundle 7

The Ultimate Collection of Award Winning and Exclusive Game Soundtracks.

This time focused on game music that also functions as great music in general, this bundle features the work of Austin Wintory, Peter McConnell, Disasterpeace, Daniel Olsén, KOZILEK, and a lineup of all-star compositional talent.

Pay what you want starting at $1 for 4 soundtracks. Beat the average to get the complete 20 soundtracks bundle!

The included Video Game Music:

  • The Banner Saga
  • DEVICE 6 Original Soundtrack
  • Broken Age: Act 1 Soundtrack
  • The Floor is Jelly OST
  • Transfiguration
  • Starbound Orchestral OST
  • The Yawhg EP
  • Magnetic By Nature
  • Escape Goat 2 Original Soundtrack
  • Curious Merchandise
  • Winnose: Original Soundtrack
  • Eldritch Original Soundtrack
  • Bardbarian - OST
  • Tribes: Ascend (Original Soundtrack)
  • Into The Box Soundtrack
  • Soul Fjord
  • Dragon Fantasy Book II Original Soundtrack
  • Ether One Original Soundtrack
  • The Music of Junk Jack X