Lifetime Deal - Mentorist Pro

Lifetime Deal - Mentorist Pro

200+ Bestsellers in 11 Genres! Read Summaries from Great Books & Turn Them Into Real-World Actions. A new lifetime deal.

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You no longer need to read the whole book to understand it. With Mentorist, you can directly implement strategies, ideas, habits, and routines from the world’s smartest and most successful people.

Bestseller categories: 

Business, Productivity, Psychology, Leadership/Management, Science, Spirituality, Philosophy, Marketing/Sales, Communication, Mental Health, Money/Economics, Lifestyle, Health/Fitness, Love/Relationships, Writing/Creativity, Billionaires & Famouso People.

With Mentorist, you can:

  • Explore more than 200 bestsellers in 11 genres
  • Read comprehensive summaries
  • Discover carefully compiled action lists for active learning
  • Curate a list of your favorite books
  • Visualize your progress
  • Set daily or weekly reminders to complete your actions
  • Easily return to unfinished actions & chapters
  • Collect points for completing activities
  • Earn badges & attain new user levels
  • Vote for the next book or app