Lifetime Deal - Lunatask Premium

Lifetime Deal - Lunatask Premium

The LIFETIME OFFER! It's a To-Do List, Notebook, Habit Tracker, Pomodoro Timer, & Journaling App All in One! A new lifetime deal.

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Lunatask is an all-in-one privacy-focused to-do list, notebook, habit and mood tracker, daily journal, and Pomodoro timer. It remembers stuff for you and knows what to work on next.

Choose from a variety of production techniques to get stuff actually done.


  • Built-in support for Kanban, Must/Should/Want Method, and Eisenhower Matrix
  • Pomodoro timer
  • Automatic prioritization
  • Status tracking
  • Recurring/scheduled Tasks
  • Task estimation
  • Pinned tasks
  • Work-in-progress limit