Lifetime Deal: Calmind - The Mental Fitness App!

Price Drop! Lifetime Deal: Calmind - The Mental Fitness App!

Stop procrastination; helps with writing, reading, concentration, learning, studying & more. Multifunctional Approach to Self-Care — Combined Natural Techniques for Improved Focus, Productivity, Sleep, Stress Relief, & More. A new lifetime deal.

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Calmind provides physiological and stress-reducing benefits to each of your senses. This digital therapy app helps you improve your quality of life by focusing on what's important and getting rid of distractions.

  • Device per license: 5
  • Length of access: lifetime
  • IOS 11.0 or later; compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Available for desktop use in web app
  • Helps insomniacs & stressed-out adults peacefully drift off
  • Increase positive hormones for calm mind w/ reduced anxiety & stress
  • Emotion tracking for stronger resilience & emotion regulation

It provides soothing and sensory stories to reduce stress and help you fall asleep faster, as well as ASMR triggers and calming tones to increase positive hormones. Calmind is your self-care assistant in a pocket!