Lazy Guys - Think Forward Bundle

Lazy Guys - Think Forward Bundle

A new indie game bundle!

This game bundle includes the titles Cube Destroyer, Cubicity, Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2, One Step, Parasite, Plazma Being, Rogue's Federation, SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance and Sophie's Curse.

Each game in this bundle is playable on Windows. Grab the bundle for $2.79.

This game bundle contains

Steam % 95

Cube Destroyer

Greenlight, Drm-free | Windows | Action, Indie

Cube Destroyer is a top-down shooter with a dynamic gameplay.

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Steam % 88


Steam | Windows | General, Indie, Puzzle Compilation

Cubicity is a physics-based puzzle game.

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Steam % 87

Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual, Indie, Miscellaneous

Imagination is the key, as you enter a magical storybook full of mystery and wonder, unusual creatures, and enigmatic puzzles!

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Steam % 84

Sophie's Curse

Greenlight, Drm-free | Windows | Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation

You got a job, which is to take care of an old man during the night in a recently purchased house; this house does not have electricity and you have to rely on some kind of hand crank generators to light the place up, but there is something in the darkness draining their power, don’t let it happen!

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Steam % 80


Steam, Drm-free | Windows, Linux | Action, Adventure, Indie

Parasite is a non-linear retro platformer with a mix of action and puzzles.

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Steam % 78

Plazma Being

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual, Indie, Platformer

Take control of Zeb in this puzzle/platformer.

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Steam % 71

SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance

Steam | Windows | Action, Arcade, Indie, Top-Down

SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance is a cooperative twin-stick shooter that features a variety of complementing ship classes to choose from.

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Rogue's Federation

Greenlight, Drm-free | Windows | Action, Adventure, Arcade, Platformer

In the future, there is a very important and dangerous profession, extract resources from other planets.

One Step

Greenlight, Drm-free | Windows | Action, Adventure, Horror

One Step is an atomic adventure of scavenge and survival.