Humble Monthly 2021 - January

KissMyBundles - The Darkness Bundle 4

KissMyBundles - The Darkness Bundle 4 teaser

4 dark games on Steam!

This bundle contains Darkout, Grimind, Radical Roach and Super Killer Hornets: Resurrection.

All games are redeemable on Steam. Two of them are coming including Steam Trading Cards.

All titles are playable on Windows. Grimind is also available on Mac and Linux.

Get the complete bundle for $2.19.

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 55
Metascore 55


Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Indie, Miscellaneous

Darkout is a sandbox, with strategy and survival components. One of the clearest influences present in the game comes from titles like Minecraft or Terraria.

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Steam % 48


Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Arcade, Casual, General, Indie

RADical ROACH is a fast paced shoot em’ up, set minutes after nuclear hell falls from the sky engulfing all but a few tough little bugs.

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Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | 2D

A physics based adventure, platform game in horror/creepy theme. The game casts you into forgotten caves and ancient crypts, without memories.

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Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection

Steam | Windows | General

Things will explode, things will die, you will dodge, you will do maths...Yes MATHS! An intense vertical shooter with a brain train twist. Try to answer the falling math problems.

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Humble Monthly 2021 - January