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IndieGameStand - McDroid

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Pay what you want starting at $0.25 !!!

McDroid Developer has just offered up some amazing bonuses and incentives. Tell your friends and start gifting away so we can unlock these goodies for everyone:

  • 2000 purchased - 2 new droid skins and 1 new music track
  • 3000 purchased - new alien enemy: the crawler slasher
  • 4000 purchased will unlock a new weapon, the Nuclear Mine = big boom!
  • 5000 copies will unlock the Pet Bot “Lazer Head” - a helper bot that stays with you from level to level that you can upgrade.

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This game bundle contains

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Greenlight, Desura | Windows, Mac, Linux | Other Strategy Games

Have fun playing the imaginative and addictive Action-RTS from indie studio Elefantopia.It has robots, giant talking lasers, strawberry farming and Mutagel vats.Take direct control of the robot McDROID to protect your Shuttle (who happens to like old 60s rock') and your crop. You can either fight head-on-arcade-style with the turrets you carry or you can deploy those turrets and let them run on automatic. The creatures either bite you, shoot at you, explode, mutate into something else and even turn your crop against you.It's fast-paced, it's full of surprises, it takes brains and it's a bit crazy, it's sci-fi like you have never played in Co-Op or solo.

Metro Exodus Bundle