Humble Montly 2021 July

Indie Royale - The Turing Bundle

Indie Royale - The Turing Bundle teaser

A new Indie Game Bundle with 6 titles.

Included in this game bundle you´ll find Eschalon: Book III, Eterium, 3 Stars of Destiny, Fractured Soul, Motte Island and Cahors Sunset.

Get the complete pack for only €2.77. (Price change!)

4 games are redeemable on Steam and 1 are on Greenlight!

For each game, you also get a Desura-Key and a DRM-Free download versions.

Pay a little bit more, and you´ll also get a bonus album.

This game bundle contains

Steam % 71
Metascore 67

Eschalon: Book III

Steam, Desura, Drm-free | Windows, Mac, Linux | PC-style RPG

Eschalon: Book III brings the trilogy to a climatic end. An unparalleled role-playing experience designed to feel like a true pen-and-paper RPG.

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Steam % 71

Cahors Sunset

Greenlight, Desura, Drm-free | Windows | General, Indie, RPG, Role Playing, Simulation

Cahors Sunset is a light-RPG in which you control the decisions of an old French man. Your goal is try to keep the main character alive for as long as you can through the decisions you make each month. Every action have wanted and unwanted effects on

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Steam, Desura, Drm-free | Windows | Small Spaceship

A space flight sim in the spirit of 90′s games like Wing Commander and X-Wing that aims to bring the classic style of space combat games into the modern era.

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Fractured Soul

Greenlight, Desura, Drm-free | Windows | Scrolling

This game takes the classic platformers of the 80s and doubles the action! Your ability to shift between two dimensions allows you to weave through enemy fire.

3 Stars of Destiny

Steam, Desura, Drm-free | Windows | Console-style RPG

Fight monsters, explore, complete quests, rescue people in need and explore a fantasy medieval world in this role-playing game.

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Motte Island

Steam, Desura, Drm-free | Windows, Mac | General

Motte Island is a horror-themed game. Considering that it is a top-down camera game, the horror genre of it makes it very rare. The storyline is well-thought and unique and exciting.

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