Indie Gala - The Syberia Bundle

Indie Gala - The Syberia Bundle

A small puzzle and adventure game Bundle by Indie Gala

This indie games compilation includes the 3rd person art nouveau and steampunk fiction adventure games Syberia 1, Syberia 2 and the challenging puzzle game Obulis.

All games are redeemable on STEAM for Windows!

Pay $1 for Obulis, pay $3.99 for all 3 games! (~ €2.95)

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 89
Metascore 82


Steam | Windows, Mac | Adventure, Casual, Fantasy

Join Kate Walker as she travels to remote locations and time periods in this timeless voyage to discover her true destiny.

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Steam % 86
Metascore 80

Syberia 2

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Fantasy

Having searched Eastern and Western Europe for a missing heir, Kate Walker finally completed her long and arduous journey, obtaining the signature of Hans Voralberg and closing the automaton factory buyout.

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Teaser image for Obulis
Steam % 83


Steam | Windows | Casual, Indie, Puzzle

Drop all of the colored spheres into their like-colored pots.

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