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Indie Gala - The Necrovision Bundle

Indie Gala - The Necrovision Bundle teaser

A bundle with NecroVisioN and NecroVisioN: Lost Company for STEAM.

Get Necrovision for $0.99 - both games for only $3.99! (~ €3)

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 69

NecroVisioN: Lost Company

Steam | Windows | Action, First-Person Shooters

NecroVisioN: Lost Company is the prequel to original horror FPS shooter, taking place before the NecroVisioN story begins. It contains a bunch of unique levels, characters, weapons and gameplay elements as well as new main hero that presents the original game story from opposite perspective.

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Steam % 67
Metascore 63


Steam | Windows | Action, Fantasy

War is Hell. NecroVision is a first-person shooter that takes gamers across the frantic battlegrounds of World War I and into a dark underworld of vampires, demons and dark magic.

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