Indie Gala - The Goosebumps Bundle

Indie Gala - The Goosebumps Bundle

A new indie game bundle...

Grab some nice indie games. Included in this game pack you´ll find Safety Driving Simulator: Car, Cube Land Arena, One Day For Ched, Pepe Porcupine, Goosebumps, Mahjong Destiny, Ninja Stealth, Call Of The Mighty Warriors, Monster Jam Battlegrounds, Fasaria World Online, Angels of Fasaria: v2, AoF World Online and AoF Chess Club 2.0.

The games in this bundle are redeemable on Steam and playable on your Windows PC. 8 games include Steam Trading Cards. Pay what you want starting at $1 - Pay more, get more!

This game bundle contains

Steam % 100

Mahjong Destiny

Steam | Windows | Casual, Puzzle

Mahjong Destiny is a challenging mahjong game telling the story of a young maiden on her quest to meet up with her loved one.

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Steam % 85

Goosebumps: The Game

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual

The walk home from school today is going to be a lot spookier than usual… Your sleepy neighborhood’s been overrun by monsters!

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Steam % 78

Ninja Stealth

Steam | Windows | Action, Casual, Early Access, Indie, Strategy

Evade the guards and the defences to escape the evil facility on this click and play stealth game, there will be difficult on your path, young padawan!

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Steam % 78

Pepe Porcupine

Steam | Windows | Casual, Puzzle

Pepe Porcupine works the nightshift in a warehouse and needs your help!

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Steam % 67

Cube Land Arena

Steam | Windows | Action Adventure, Early Access, Indie, Strategy

The kingdom of Cubia call for your help, come to this vast kingdom where you will face strong enemies and hard challenges, you are the chosen to defend the cristals of life and finally bring peace to reign of Cubia.

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Steam % 65

Fasaria World Online

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Role-Playing, Strategy

Fasaria World Online is a strategy, building RPG style mmo that can be played through any web browser even on your tablet or phone.

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Steam % 61

AoF Chess Club 2.0

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Casual, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Strategy

AoF Chess Club is a multiplayer online chess game and community exclusive to steam members.

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Steam % 59

Call Of The Mighty Warriors

Steam | Windows | Early Access, Indie, Strategy

Two kingdoms in battle against each other, the king Bennevert called for the legendary mighty mercenaries to defend strategic posts in dangerous lands in the battlefield.

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Steam % 53

AoF World Online

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Strategy

AoF World Online is a single/multiplayer fantasy online experience where you unravel the mystery behind an illusive force threatening Fasaria and her 3 moons.

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Steam % 52

ONE DAY for Ched

Steam | Windows | Action, Indie


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Steam % 44

Angels of Fasaria: Version 2.0

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Strategy

What is Angels of Fasaria?: Angels of Fasaria was originally released in 2005.

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Steam % 43

Monster Jam Battlegrounds

Steam | Windows | Action, Automobile, Racing, Sports

Monster Jam® Battlegrounds brings the ever popular touring show straight to the fans with roaring engines and crushing action.

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Steam % 38

Safety Driving Simulator: Car

Steam | Windows | Casual, Simulation

Safety Driving Simulator: Car is a driving simulator engaging and enjoyable that teaches the basics of driving immersing the player in a detailed and realistic urban environment.

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